1-2-3… Come On & Sign With Me

-Week 3-

This week, I focused on learning to sign the numbers 1-15.  I found that learning the numbers came super easy to me.  It was pretty complex for the finger and hand placements as the numbers got higher, but nothing like practice couldn’t hurt.  I have posted two videos of me signing away, so come on and sign with me!!! **One in audio and one without**

The resources that I used adventuring into the ASL number realm, were:

  • a Youtube tutorial, for beginners to learn numbers 1-15 in sign language
  • The ASL app: Know Your Numbers – Intro & 0-10
  • The guidance and assistance of my sister, Alessandra

All of these online resources were extremely advantageous as a beginner in learning to sign the numbers for the first time.  The only thing that was kind of challenging was that in the youtube video and the app, it was just a person signing so I really had to focus and pay attention to where they were/what number they were on.  This put into perspective that this is how one might learn ASL through someone in a face-to-face context.  So, in future blog posts, I plan on having guest appearances via video submissions of individuals of the deaf community that I will learn from! 🙂

Stay Tuned, and…

#KeepCalm&SignOn !





SIGNabet – ABC Learn With Me

-Week 2-

My focus for this week was learning to sign the ASL alphabet.  My biggest advocate through learning the alphabet was my sister, Alessandra.  She has been learning ASL through her friends that apart of the deaf community for awhile now, so I went to her for her expertise.  Learning to sign the letters of the alphabet was a challenging task, but super rewarding when I finally got the hang of it and happy to say I can now sign the alphabet fluently.

The resources that I used this week to assist me were The ASL App, which was extremely useful as I could slow it down by clicking the turtle icon, I also found the visuals in the ASL dictionary (from Chapters) to be quite helpful (as shown in videos above), I also ventured to Hailie’s #LearningProject blog post this week titled, Watch me struggle to remember the alphabet and I mimicked the hand gestures while watching her video, as well as Rebecca’s #LearningProject post titled, ABC it’s easy as 1-2-3, to view how she signed the alphabet.  They both also signed the numbers 1-10 and it gave me such optimism to learn how to sign the numbers for next week!  I love that there are others in this #EDTC300 class studying ASL as well, it is so greatly helpful to see each different perspective of what to learn from the language.

Please join me next week on my journey through this amazing language!




More to follow, but for now…

#KeepCalmandSignOn !!

Introducing Myself Through Signing

-Week 1-

Beginning my #LearningProject has been a mix of emotions for me.  I am either super excited, very apprehensive, nervous, optimistic, anxious, confident, paranoid, and the list goes on.  Beginning to learn a new language is quite challenging, but I like to challenge myself, especially when it is a language that I have always wanted to learn.

This week I focused on the concept of introducing myself through the hand gestures/movements in order to sign the sentence, “Hi, I’m Manuela” correctly.  I am learning in baby steps, just because I am a perfectionist and like to be efficient in one thing before going onto something else.  The videos below shows the process of learning this basic phrase, first with me speaking, and second with no speaking.  I had to practice signing and rehearsing, plenty times before I recorded these videos.  I felt like it was more difficult to sign without the audio, as I kept finding myself mess up the letters and at points I would forget what I was trying to say.  This made me realize that people who have a hearing impairment or other exceptionalities have a challenging time learning new things and how frustrating it could be to try to get your message across.

Please feel free to watch my videos from week to week, and if you like, learn ASL along with me.  If anyone has other resources that I could use while studying ASL, send them my way!!

Come back next week to build off of what I learned this week 🙂

And don’t forget to…

#KeepCalmandSignOn !!

Welcome All To, #KeepCalmandSignOn!

For my #EDTC300 #LearningProject, I will be learning how to sign.  I have always thought American Sign Language (ASL) was so profound and so important to learn.  When I found out that it was mandatory to take a language course for my degree, I immediately went searching for ASL…needless to say, I was crushed when I learned that ASL was not an option to take as a language.  This made me extremely frustrated because to me, ASL is just as important as any other language to learn/know.  I am quite excited to now finally have the opportunity to begin learning and further continue my learning with ASL for my #LearningProject, career, future endeavours/encounters and daily life.

Planning it out…

  1. I will learn how to sign mainly through resources that I find online in the digital world (Gallaudet University, Nyle DiMarco’s official website, The ASL app which features Nyle facilitating ‘how-to..’ sign, his touching family video, other language apps).  I will also gather great knowledge and practice from a few of my close family friends who have hearing impairments that sign, Christine and Nay (whom may make guest appearances on my blogs via video/audio submissions) and I will also gain knowledge through the ASL dictionary resource, just to name a few.
  2. I will post on my blog and through my twitter account, weekly, to present what I am learning, how I am learning it, the process and the progression of my learning, etc.  In no particular order and not limited to, these are the following topics that I will study, research and learn to sign:
  • introducing myself,
  • alphabet,
  • numbers,
  • family nouns,
  • common phrases,
  • conversational terminology,
  • integrating ASL into the classroom,
  • cultural adaptation/components,
  • support system(s) with relating to romantic/friendly terminology

This may be a challenging task, but with the support and assistance from all these great resources I have found and all the online resources out there, I will improve, grow and develop my skill of learning the official ASL.

With that being said, the most important thing is to remember to…