When I was in elementary school, mainly up until grade 7 and 8, cellphones/texting, social media, youtube, etc., was not really a big topic.  (Which was good, because now I wish it was still the way it used to be, without screens everywhere you look…..) Some kids had cellphones but the most popular networking site was MSN.  We lived for MSN back in the day…we couldn’t wait to get home from school and talk with our friends we just seen at school online again, HAHA!  Nearing grades 7 and 8, youtube become popular as certain videos became viral.  Some of the youtube videos we used to watch were the famous ‘Charlie Bit My Finger‘, ‘Charlie The Unicorn‘,  Allan!Allan!Allan!Steve!Steve!‘, ‘The Duck Song‘, ‘The Annoying Orange‘, just to name a few.  Some of them rather irritating, as you may have viewed these before.  If not, give them a gander to familiarize yourself with what I am speaking about.  Not until recently, have I really realized how quick it can happen, sent out in the online worl and BAMM a billion views (okay…kind of exaggerated, but you’re picking up what I’m putting down).

In viewing this weeks video clip,  An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube, Micheal Wesch describes how an original video can be made into a variety of different videos and how he states that most of the videos uploaded to youtube are only intended to have and audience of 100 viewers…WOW, in which we know are above and beyond capacity.  This is applied in the Numa-Numa Charlie Bit My Finger clips we watched in class.  Social media and its several applications can be both advantageous and also a hinderance.  For instance, in a positive sense, the videos posted of Justin Bieber singing when he was younger took onto many viewers, thus making him Uber famous and now has made a career out of it.  On the other hand, social media can be extraordinarily dangerous, scary, risky, inappropriate and hurtful.  In the way of cyberbullying and being ill-educated with dealing with something as new and advanced as technology and its multiple strands.  It is so important to be wary of what you view, what you share, what/how you use it, and what you post on social media, as you never know who is watching or how many people are watching or who is on the other end.  With screenshots, and other ways of saving data, online media can be very iffy.

For teachers in the classroom, it is important to bring as much technology to students learning as possible…that being said, only if it benefits and influences learning in an effective and balanced way.  There are so many different apps, devices (tablets, computers, mimios, iPads), websites out there, of techy resources that are there for use in schools.  Before beginning to use technology and its many facets and being introduced to it, it is best to give a lesson..or multiple on safety, respect, and appropriation to prevent mistakes and risky business of something going viral that was not supposed to, to begin with.  This is especially prevalent in todays technology driven society, world and classrooms.  We need to educate ourselves before we educate others!!



A Shakesational Time!

I had the opportunity to join in on this weeks #SaskEdChat twitter chat.  This week, the chat was on Shaking Up Assessment.  To be honest, I was kind of nervous to be talking about assessment, as I am not very confident and comfortable with assessment yet.  But, to my surprise, the moderators were absolutely mind-changing!  They gave each person an individualized warm welcome, and kept in reply back to each participants answer to the questions.  The questions, were also very specific and made it easy to process my thinking and reply in a timely manner.

This was such a positive experience for me, and I am hopeful to participate in next weeks #SaskEdChat.  For starters, tweetdeck is a god send!!!  Makes it so much easier to have a chat with a group of people, but it was kind of mind-boggling as well, when the chat kept moving every-time someone would join in and respond.  I obtained a mild headache from this hour long chat…hahaha.

To continue on, there were some questions that I couldn’t really answer, as I am not yet an experienced classroom teacher, but they were completely understanding of that fact and I just followed their responses and kept their ideas, resources, experiences, suggestions, and added them to my repertoire of assessment sources.  I also enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world, for instance someone joined from Glennallen, Alaska, which is just crazy to me!!  I also gained some new followers on twitter, to broaden my digital community of educators!

#SaskEdChat is greatly recommended!

Here is a photo of what my tweetdeck looked like during my twitter chat.

Exploring the Unknown…EEEK!!

Getting introduced to #feedly last week seemed really interesting when Katia was walking us through it.  It wasn’t until I went on it myself to gander and explore that I had one heck of a time gathering new resources and finding articles that I thought were interesting and insightful to me.   I racked my brain, and kept asking myself…”what am I interested in?” “what things trigger me to know and learn more of?”

So I put what I found to be significant in my brain, into categories of sources that I love reading and gathering more knowledge about.  These such things included #EdTech #ASL #CurrentEvents #OurWorldHistory #KindergartenResources and #InquiryBasedLearning. For me, #feedly is a site that has a lot going on, and is a lot to take in all at once.  This caused me to come back to it multiple times, to hum and haw over what sources I found desirable.  One of the sources I found was interesting to me was Free Technology for Teachers.  This one in particular was eye-catching it had some interesting content within it. It has a lot to offer for teachers as it elaborates and breaks down certain sites that one would use in the classroom, to make them more effective and useful for advantageous learning. It would help me immensely in the aspect of making my lessons and daily teaching more engaging for the students.

The articles within #EdTech that were interesting to me were: 10 Overlooked Google Doc Features, and Gamifying Writing Instruction. The Gamifying Writing Instruction article really intrigued me as it went further into a link called, 21 Things Every Teacher Should Try!  Honestly, these 21 things would be super helpful when incorporating technology into the classroom. Each site has great tips and tricks for both teacher and student to learn together. Personally, I would like to try Sketchnoting and Genius Hour with my students someday!!! The next source that I liked was: Edutopia RSS.  The subtopic, Will Letter Grades Survive? Was prominent in an experience I had in my internship, so it really stuck out to me. This is due to the fact that I was part of the kindergarten report card board committee, with my co-op, as more and more teachers were moving toward the letter grade report card.  A topic that arose within our discussions monthly, was how is it going to pan out, will parents like it, how long will this last, how should we structure it, what is the most important thing to represent within it, and the list goes on.

Give these a read, as they were pretty informational to me!

Here is a visual of what my #feedly looks like thus far 🙂 If anyone has something that correlates with what I have, feel free to help me add to my digital RSS reader.

I will definitely keep building my content as the semester goes on and as I become a more technologically skillful human being!!

Benvenuto! [translates to ‘welcome’ in Italian]

Hello everyone!

My name is Manuela Nagel.  To tell you a little bit about myself, I am Italian, Ukrainian, and Canadian.  I have just recently finished my internship placement opening a brand new p3 school here in Regina, in a kindergarten classroom. Let me tell you, that was the most amazing experience that I have ever had.  My co-op and fellow staff members were super supportive and very helpful.  My passion is to teach kindergarten someday!  In my first couple years of university, I convocated from the Faculty of Arts with a certificate in the Liberal Arts.  Currently, I am in my final semester of my degree!!  For a part-time job, I work at a before and after school program (B&A) at the school I interned at, which is so awesome.  I also substitute as an Instructional Assistant within the Regina Catholic School System.  My hobbies include relaxing  while watching my Netflix originals: Riverdale and Shameless, as well as Grey’s Anatomy, spending time with my boyfriend, and staying active while bowling in a competitive league, and occasionally playing volleyball.

In my internship placement, I was fortunate enough to be in a school community that had a few teachers who were connected educators.  If I had any questions, issues, or wanted to learn something new for my lesson(s), I could go to any of them and collaborate with them!! The biggest and best technology tool that I used within my internship was Seesaw.  Seesaw is an amazing tool to keep parents in the loop, it let’s them know what is going on in the school and the classroom, it let’s them know what their children are learning throughout the day, what special activities that go on, and the list goes on.  I absolutely love Seesaw and I will definitely use it within my own classroom!  Additionally, I have used blogging as a tool to reflect upon my coursework, and with creating and constructing my online professional ePortfolio which makes me uberly excited to one-day create a classroom blog with my students.

At first blogging was really confusing to navigate.  It wasn’t until my first #EDTC300 class (last week) that blogging was explained thoroughly and to an extent that I could comprehend.  I am becoming more and more comfortable with blogging, but it is still a skill that I am developing and improving upon.  I believe blogging is a very effective and useful tool within the classroom and everyday life.  It could be a bit time consuming, but if you make time, it is a great tech tool!  Follow me on Twitter, as it coincides with my blog and my journey through the digital and technological world, that I am extremely new to!