Summary of Learning: Shakespearian and Abe Style

I chose to record through audio using an app that I love, titled Puppet Pals!! 

This is a great app to use if you choose to not want to record a video including your face.  I had fun while using it.  I used different characters while speaking through reflecting on the course EDTC300.  Some of those characters were Abe Lincoln and William Shakespeare.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone out there and wants to learn about the cool things that I have outlined and described throughout my blog for the duration of this semester.  Also **SIDENOTE** Katia, the instructor/professor is amazing, so no worries there!!

Below is my Summary of Learning artifact.  The background got a little messed during translation of uploading I think…(which is so sad as it was the background of the Colleseum in Italy, Rome and now it just looks like some characters and a strip of colour…wah).  Believe it or not, it was working the entire time on my phone…before uploading.

Just bear with me, accompanied by technology for one last final HOORAH !!

And to continue…because it cut me short…(again, bear with me)

Hope you enjoyed viewing my weekly blog postings!  Have a great summer to all!!

Ciao for now! 🙂


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