Holidays??? We Wish…

-Week 11-

This week we learned to sign some of the national holidays.  The holidays that we learned were Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Halloween, Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving.  These were a bit difficult to learn as some of them were combining two signs and some were one single motion.  We used a YouTube tutorial on Holiday Signs in American Sign Language

Don’t miss out on watching us signing our holidays away!!! Again…super adorable!

It’s a long way down the ‘holiday road,’  but we had a great time on our holiday road with signing (HEHE)!

National Lampoon Vacation – Holiday Road via

I really enjoyed teaching and learning alongside my niece, Adrienne.  It was very fun and we gained a lot of new knowledge throughout this process.

Thank you for watching… #KeepCalm&SignOn!!



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