Animation Tools Using Powtoon – An App Review

Out of a long list of different tools and/or apps to explore, I chose one that I have never used before, which is called PowtoonThis is a program on the internet that allows individuals to create videos for basically anything – business meeting, presentations, a gallery of work, marketing, informational videos, and most importantly for the use in education. Once you go to the site, you are directed to create an account, this is where all your creative Powtoon videos are stored, but it is FREE so YEEEHAAA!!!!

So I created an account as I wanted to explore this tool/app to see what it was all about. Being a new user to Powtoon, I was like a fish out of water… didn’t have a clue what to do, where to go, or even where to click or start…which is me with everything that has to do with technology.


Then it instructs you to choose a layout that you want for the basis of your video. So I went and clicked on the ‘cartoon’ featured one because it looked really cool!

Then it takes you to the place where the magic happens. Where your creativity is put into play. This is what my video looks like as I was giving it a try! Now you give it a try!!!! 🙂


Strengths of Powtoon:

  • Free –  can be used in any school or anywhere by anyone
  • Create something of your own choice
  • Gives a variety of templates/options to choose from
  • Make animated videos – business, presentations, marketing, informational, education
  • Compatible with any device

Weaknesses of Powtoon:

  • Not overly user-friendly (or maybe that is just me…)
  • Need experience with other video-making sites before using
  • A somewhat tedious process of clicking through things and finding everything you are wanting (no tutorial on how-to-use)
  • Slow/laggy (could very well be my internet connection?)

Use in the Classroom:

  • Can be used through guided-instruction with younger grades
  • Used for presentations with older grades (end products)
  • Teacher resource (part of a lesson)
  • Something fun for students to do when they have free time
  • Creative writing piece
  • For fun, for assignments, for assessments
  • Interactive

To be quite honest, I still don’t fully know how the ins and outs of Powtoon…but I hope you do!!!



5 thoughts on “Animation Tools Using Powtoon – An App Review

  1. Hey Manuela!
    Personally, I haven’t really had the chance to explore PowToon but I have heard nothing but good things! I really appreciate your review because it gives me a better look into something I don’t know much about! Also loving the pros and cons list as well as the use in the classroom! Very handy! What I am left wondering is how well would it work on say an iPad browser. Any who, thanks for sharing!

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  2. Manuela, I used Powtoon for one of the many learning videos that I have had to do for this semester, I too clearly didn’t use it to it’s full potential because watching Hailie’s on Wednesday I did not have near the same amount of effects and cool things happening in hers. I would worry with students that maybe there are so many options and areas to observe than maybe students could potentially get distracted and be more concerns about the features rather than the content. But I think you are right you could use this with your class and through your teaching in a variety of ways! This was a great review and the options of uses are endless! Also, giving the students the opportunity to explore this program during spare time, might help them to become accustomed to the options and to discover all of the features that are lurking around ever little icon or drop down menu!

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    • Hi Regan.
      Great observations and inquiries you have here about Powtoon. I really like how you said giving the children ample amount of time to explore program in free-time, never thought of it that way! Good idea! 🙂
      Thanks for your input!


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