Just call me, Master Cybersleuth

This week I cyber sleuthed Regan Luypaert.  I didn’t know much about her and I’ve never met her in person, so this gave me a chance to learn more about her and to view her online profile(s).  I found that this was an interesting task to do for this week’s blog post, as creeping on people is usually done in private, HAHA!!

The thing is, I found her on several social media sites, but they were all privatized and locked down pretty good so I couldn’t squeeze much info out of her profiles.  Her blog is filled with her university coursework and her Twitter also showcases a lot of her knowledge and resources towards education.

Adapted via giphy.com

Here’s what I learned about Regan when I searched through the various facets of social media and the internet and plugged my findings into the worksheet that was provided.

Digital Sleuthing Exercise

Professional (job-related):

-teacher in training

-educational assistant at Prairie Valley School Division

Biographical (age, birthday, location, family, appearance, etc.):

-lives in Regina, SK

-from Whitewood, SK

-her middle name is Ashley

-has a significant other
-born June 8


Personal (hobbies, activities, likes/dislikes, etc.):

-from pinterest -cooking, crafts, reading, food

Where are they on the web? (social networks, etc).

-Facebook (has 1 mutual friend with me)


-Wordpress (she’s doing ASL for her #LearningProject too!!)

-Instagram (private)

-Pinterest (hardly uses; dated)

-Google+ (class community)




Overall impression? What kind of person is this?

-down to earth

-has a cute dog nephew (that makes guest appearances in class) !!


Would you hire them and/or would you like them to be your teacher?

-Yes. -professional, knowledgable

Is this person an oversharer or undersharer? Why or why not?

-she is average when it comes to sharing – tweets regularly (original and retweets) and blogs

Furthermore, Regan has a professional online identity and seems to be working and building towards a valuable learning network.


6 thoughts on “Just call me, Master Cybersleuth

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  2. Wow Manuela, good job on finding all of this on me! I however, did not find as much information as I had hoped! Something that I always worry about is how private my social media accounts are, and am so relieved to know that you couldn’t find information that wasn’t intended for a random person to see! I have nothing to correct on your overall findings of myself, other then maybe I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t mention my turtle, haha! Totally kidding!

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