Integrating ASL Into the Classroom

-Week 5-

Teachers are using sign language to:

  1. Manage students behaviour
  2. Keep students actively engaged
  3. Assist students in literacy development of phonics, reading, and spelling
  4. Assist students in speech development
  5. Assist students in language development
  6. Promote positive peer to peer communication and interactions

There are so many advantages and benefits to using and implementing sign language into the classroom.  What I wanted to learn this week included a few phrases that students may ask in the classroom, such as:

  • “May I go to the washroom?”
  • “I have a question” or “I need help”
  • “May I go get a drink of water?”

…but, it didn’t quite work out, as availability over the break with a close family friend from the deaf community schedule and my schedule didn’t match up.  It is fine because it gave me a chance to learn other school signs in place of those phrases.  I will learn those phrases at a different time, as they will come in handy when my students want to ask questions in the classroom.

The videos that I have presented to you for this week are again broken down into audio and no audio for each thing that I learned.  So, the first 2 videos are of me signing manners, the 5 W’s, yes and no, the second 2 videos are of me signing part one of school signs, and the last 2 videos are of me signing part two of school signs.  

Watch! Enjoy! Learn! Sign! 🙂

Manners, 5 W’s, Yes & No – learned from The ASL APP.

Part 1: School Signs – learned from an app ASL on a smartphone. 

Part 2: School Signs – learned from SignSchool app on smartphone. 

Check these insightful apps out, they’re awesome for any age!!!

Get techy with me and…



5 thoughts on “Integrating ASL Into the Classroom

  1. Hey girl!

    Looks like you are doing awesome with ASL! The teachers are my school integrate sign language into their rooms a lot. We actually have three students who use it and know the basics. Our grade one teacher integrates it into her morning meeting and they sign when they sing the days of the week song, when they spell the full date, etc. She does an awesome job with it. Our grade two room has a word wall and the teacher has the signs for all the letters of the alphabet on their and the grade 3/4 teacher uses it for when students want to leave to go to the bathroom/get a drink! It is great because it doesn’t disrupt instruction! A large part of our elementary end also knows how to sign O Canada! So it is great seeing someone learning it! I know when I first started I was lost but I am slowly picking up the more common ones that are used in the school! Thanks for sharing! Also props to you for including videos! Awesome 😀

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