Mia Famiglia

-Week 4-

This week I learned a variety of family nouns!  It was fun learning them as they are extremely relevant to my life.  As I am a sister, auntie, friend, niece, and girlfriend, and have a mom, dad, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, 2 nieces, a soon-to-be nephew, a boyfriend and 3 sisters.

I learned these particular family nouns and more from a really awesome source which has a plethora of ASL teaching resources.  From a site called signbabysign.org.  It is super easy and user friendly, you type the word you want into the ASL dictionary search engine and click on the word you were wanting to learn and it gives you a great video that helps you learn how to sign that word.

This weeks inspiration not only came from my own family, but it also had a huge impact from an actor, model and activist of the deaf community, Nyle DiMarco.  I have mentioned him before in some of twitter posts that are related to ASL.  On Nyle’s website, he has a video from his BeYOUtiful campaign titled, Family.  Please give this a watch!!! If this doesn’t give you inspiration for pretty much anything, I don’t know what will<3<3<3 So touching…

We both come from Italian backgrounds and strong ties.  I am super family oriented, and his video explains Nyle’s life and his family ties so elaborately.  He has influenced me to become an advocate for people of the deaf community, to assist those whose parents do not sign in order to communicate with them and to help them find their identity and pride in order to succeed through life.

I honestly think ASL is so profound and utterly amazing! Choosing this language to learn for my #LearningProject assignment has been such a blessing and gets me super excited to use my new found talent and skills within my daily life and future endeavours!

Help someone, and become an advocate! What are you most passionate about learning? What or who can you become an advocate for?

Keep following along through learning with me…but remember..

#KeepCalm&SignOn !!



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