1-2-3… Come On & Sign With Me

-Week 3-

This week, I focused on learning to sign the numbers 1-15.  I found that learning the numbers came super easy to me.  It was pretty complex for the finger and hand placements as the numbers got higher, but nothing like practice couldn’t hurt.  I have posted two videos of me signing away, so come on and sign with me!!! **One in audio and one without**

The resources that I used adventuring into the ASL number realm, were:

  • a Youtube tutorial, for beginners to learn numbers 1-15 in sign language
  • The ASL app: Know Your Numbers – Intro & 0-10
  • The guidance and assistance of my sister, Alessandra

All of these online resources were extremely advantageous as a beginner in learning to sign the numbers for the first time.  The only thing that was kind of challenging was that in the youtube video and the app, it was just a person signing so I really had to focus and pay attention to where they were/what number they were on.  This put into perspective that this is how one might learn ASL through someone in a face-to-face context.  So, in future blog posts, I plan on having guest appearances via video submissions of individuals of the deaf community that I will learn from! 🙂

Stay Tuned, and…

#KeepCalm&SignOn !





4 thoughts on “1-2-3… Come On & Sign With Me

  1. Manuela, I have enjoyed watching your progress in video form. It makes it easier for me to learn along with you! You have learned so much in so little time. ASL is not an easy thing to learn! I have my ASL BabySign Certificate. I teach a weekly baby signs class. I have a binder of resources, lesson plans, children’s picture books with the signs taught through the book, CDs of children songs with the lyrics and signs to follow and learn while listening. If you want to stop by a class or look through what I have just let me know!

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    • Thanks for your kind words, Laura! Wow! This experience and the resources you have would be very cool to bring into the classroom and apply it to your everyday teachings!! Would be awesome to look through, do you have any online resources?!


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